Introduction – Motives of Post-war Modernisation

The Industrial City

  1. Overview 
  2. Industrial/ economic considerations are prioritized in the urban planning over the pose of a “peace memorial city”
  3. How infrastructure evolved in favour of the industrial development of the city 
  4. Debates on Reconstruction Plans

The Neutral City

  1.  Infrastructure – symbol of neutrality
  2. War Damage Reconstruction Agency plan – Post-war Urban Planning Standards
  3. War Damage Reconstruction Agency plan – Housing Construction
  4. Intervention/ influence of SCAP on the urban planning and industrialization
  5. How Kenzo Tange influence the planning of land use plan 
  6. Architecture of pre-war Hiroshima 

The Informal City

  1.   Haphazard development of Motomachi
  2.   Role of Informal Sector in Post-war Recovery 
  3.   The Informal City: Post-war development of Informal Housing

Epilogue – Equilibrium of Modernity/ Hiroshima

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