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Tianjin is a city that develops from river delta of Yunhe constructed since Ming Dynasty. Water traffic has a significant role in Tianjin’s economy, where most industries begins from the river. 

Tianjin’s city fabric is divided according to the flow of the river. Since robust industrial development in 1980s and population growth, the usage of water has been not enough in the city. Also, because of the water diversion project in Beijing, the capital of PRC, it sucks out water from Tianjin’s original source. There are several water crisis happened in Tianjin’s recent history, which causes a standstill in industrial production, and significant drawdown in people’s livelihood. So there came the water diversion project.

Since Tianjin’s density is growing and the original chaotic road configuration brought by concession, destruction of WWII and earthquake in 1976, the Three Rings Fourteen Arterial Road System is designed and implemented according to the city fabric of Tianjin. 

Two projects brought significant social-economic benefits to Tianjin society, which acts like a chain to bring different wellbeing and benefits to all walks of life in Tianjin. Politically, it suits the provincial government’s goal, in alignment with the central government, that to bring economic benefits is to maintain stability after the turmoil and chaotic state and mental destruction after the Cultural Revolution. The Party will continue to mobilise the people in state-building in the socialist context.


Content of the Blog: 

[1] Abstract of Blog

[2] Tianjin Historical Development of River & Water

[3] Tianjin Historical Development of Road network

[4] Tianjin Historical Development of Cultural Revolution

[5]  Reason for the Water Diversion Project

[6]  Reason for the Three Rings Highway

[7]  Luanhe River Diversion Project(1982-1983) | Planning Stage | Preliminary Research

[8]  Luanhe River Diversion Project(1982-1983) | Planning Stage | Confirmed planning & Migration

[9]  Luanhe River Diversion Project(1982-1983) | Construction Stage | Story of Railway Crops

[10] Three Rings Highway (1984-1987) | Planning Stage | Study of Road Network

[11] Three Rings Highway (1984-1987) | Planning Stage | The function of three rings

[12] New Urban Configuration of Tianjin after Luanhe River Diversion Project and Three Rings Highway

[13] Luanhe River Diversion Project(1982-1983) | Influences on Society

[14] Three Rings Highway (1984-1987) | Influences on Society

[15] Aftermath of Luanhe River Diversion Project and Three Rings Highway

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