[11] Three Rings Highway (1984-1987) | Planning Stage | The function of three rings

Tianjin’s Three Rings Highway System, 1987

Three Rings system is refer to the highway of inner ring, middle ring, outer ring and the 14 radial road. The 14 radial roads are evenly distributed to the suburbs with lanes about 15-20m wide. The three rings roads separately from the city center respond for different task. Tianjin People named the system as”三環十四射”(Three rings and fourteen arterial roads).

Inner Ring

Inner ring relieve the pressure of the city center. The total length of inner ring is 15.21 km with road width of 40m. The inner ring is mainly carrying passenger traffic. The ring started from Xi’nanjiao, pasising through Nan Jing Rd, Qu Fu Rd, crossing Daguangming Bridge, passing 11th Longitude Road, Shi Zi Lin Da st and bridge, ending at Xinanjiao.

Inner Ring, Tianjin

Middle Ring

Middle ring is the first construction project of repairing the old road network in Tianjin. The construction began In January, 1985. The ring starts from Qinjian bridge, along Qinjian Rd, Hongqi Rd, Fukang Rd, Wujiayao St, Weidi Rd, Guanghua Bridge, Dongxing Rd, Zhang Gui Zhuang Rd, Hong Xing Rd, Yuhong Rd, Tiedong Rd, Pujihe Rd, to Jingin highway. Total length of the ring is 34.5 km with road width of 50m and the estimated vehicle of speed 60km/hr. The repairment of middle ring is also the biggest construction project during the period, including laying pipeline of total length 69.5km, 9 pumping stations, 7 bridges and 8 overpasses.  The total construction duration is only one year from design, relocation, construction, to operation.

Middle Ring, Tianjin, 1987

Outer Ring

Outer Ring is a key construction project, mainly settling the transfer of through-traffic, carrying freight transport, diverging traffic flow, easing transit traffic . In 1986, the government of Tianjin held a Mobilization meeting, encouraging citizens to attend 40 days volunteer work , aiming to finish the digging of river and excavation. The total length of outer ring is 71.44km crossing through Heihe River, Xinkaihe River, North Canal, Zi Ya He Nan Rd, connected to North Ring Railway Grand Bridge and the fourteen arterial roads. The ring is surrounded by greenbelt, acting as urban boundary and environmental protection zone. The construction of outer ring is completed in 1987.

Map of Outer Ring, Tianjin, 1987

The fourteen arterial roads

The fourteen arterial roads are radiating out from the center. The radial roads link up the inner ring, middle ring and outer ring. They are distributed to north, south, east and west of the center of the city. After widening and rehabilitating the roads, most of the arterial roads were completed with road width of 40m. The fourteen arterial roads includes: Dagu South Rd, Jiefang South Rd, Weijin South Rd, Fukang Rd, Changjiang Rd, Huanghe Rd, Jieyuanxi Rd, Xiqing Rd, Dingzigu 3rd Rd, Jingjin Rd, Jinzhonghe St, Weiguo Rd, Jinbin Ave and Jintang Rd.

Overall Planning of road network

Housing demolition and relocation

There are 386 enterprises and institutions; 3893 residential housings were demolished or relocated during the construction of middle ring. Thousand of buildings were rebuilt or renovated along the two sides of highway. Subsidy is given by government as compensation. 




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