[14] Three Rings Highway (1984-1987) | Influences on Society

Economic benefits

As a post-earthquake reconstruction project of Tianjin, the Three Rings and Fourteen Arterial Roads system have solved the problem of urban congestion in the last century. The speed and flow of cars have doubled to create 150 million dollars of the annual economic benefit. The Three Rings Fourteen Arterial Roads project has improved the credibility of the Tianjin municipal government both locally and internationally, which in turn upgraded the investment environment in Tianjin. The achievements of constructions made in Tianjin are frequently reported by renowned media in the world, which makes the foreign investment projects in Tianjin increase year by year. 

Extensive connections via public transport and Highways

For the Inner Loop Line, the road traffic has been relieved and the economic activity has been improved. The whole line of the inner ring loop line is about to set up and adjust the bus route to meet the needs of the people. Accounting of the middle Loop Line, the Central line effectively connects and forms extensive network among the city’s five districts. The opening of two new fast passenger metro lines would serve the public. It marks the end of Tianjin’s separation by two train lines and 5 river estuaries. Travel time was significantly shortened, relieving some of the originally congested crossroads. In addition to the improvement of the logistics capacity of Tianjin, the overall investment environment in Tianjin has been greatly improved. Outer Loop Line connects 26 villages through the suburbs. The travelling time greatly reduced from 1 hour to a maximum of half an hour from the city center. 

Importance of Greenery in City 

In the process of engineering construction, the government noticed the link of environmental greening, and carried out a large area greening project around it, which played a major role in preventing and controlling wind and sand in Tianjin, and also accorded with the national expected goal of environmental transformation. This project promotes the economic development between the suburbs and the urban area, and reduces a large amount of city or bypass time. The theory of foreign traffic engineering is introduced for the first time, and a complete set of overall traffic conception and design theory, including TV monitoring and control system, is put forward. 

Implication in Urban Context

The Three Rings project also has the following functions: 1, a general outline of city landscape; 2, the formation of a good city environment; 3, to promote the re-distribution of the population of the city; 4, accelerate the increment of urban land value and development; 5, enhance the vitality of the city, promote the city economic development. 6, improve the city’s ability to fight against disasters; 7, Efficiency in short mileage of the ring road and huge traffic capacity; 8, the loop has the distributing function of different traffic situations; 9, speed up the turnover of logistics and reduce the transportation cost; 10, the influence of loop on the humanities quality. 

After years of construction and operation practice, it has been proved that the ring road grid is in line with the reality of Tianjin, and has become a pioneering work in the history of the national urban construction. Meanwhile, it has a milestone in the design and construction experience of the national urban ring road.  


Political Strategy – Effective Coordination of People Under the Socialist System

United Goals between Government & People 

The core of the political body is to put forward the idea of “All works are done for the people, and by the people”(一切为了人 民、一切依靠人民), and “people’s city, people build; the people’s welling, people strive”(人民城市人民建、为民之举靠人民) by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government. Given the full play to the political advantages of the socialist political body, it has high mobility in people’s will in the work for the city. It is not only able to maximize the enthusiasm of all the people, but persuade and mobilise them to work in line with the government.


“Work on everyone, honor to everyone.”(办事靠大家,荣誉给大家)

The success of urban construction depends on the joint efforts of everyone. The success of the honor is shared by the people. The people are the focus of the publicity. It is noted in the government agenda when people gain honor from participating in urban construction, they really feel that they are the owners of the city. “People’s city people build” not only successfully solved the problem of capital and labor of city construction, and create a valuable spiritual wealth. Through this direction, Tianjin has formed the government as the center of the situation not only ensure million people united as one man, the smooth progress of city construction, but also provides a good political environment for the smooth development of other undertakings.

In the construction of the city, many moving events have emerged: The outer ring road project in Portsmouth people fighting more than 20 days to complete the more than 70 km of river in dredging pad road earthwork task. When the funds are insufficient, the masses’ contributions and social capital support are supported by urban construction. Political influence and mobilisation and social-government bond consolidation has a great influence in the future of the Tianjin City.




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