[8] Luanhe River Diversion Project(1982-1983) | Planning Stage | Confirmed planning & Migration

In August 1981, the State Council decided to build People’s Republic of China Luanhe River Diversion Project, listed as the national key construction project. Site survey, design and construction work of the project was assigned to Tianjin local government. The project is a huge project across the Haihe River, Luanhe River, including the construction of Panjiakou Reservoir and Daheiting Reservoir in Qianxi County. The Luanhe River Diversion to Tianjin (Northern Line) and diversion to Tangshan (Southern line) are two large water diversion Projects, connecting Luanhe River river, Douhe River, Zhouhe River, Huanxianghe River and Taohe River. It has become, in connection with large reservoirs at Yuqiao, Qiuzhuang, forming a water gigantic water storage, including functions of swilling water, distributing water, delivering water, and purifying water. 

Diversion canal is 234 kilometers in length, but also in the middle of the Luanhe River watershed and Ji canal a more than 12 kilometers of mountain tunnel, to river more than 100 km, 64 km canal special excavation, all engineering excavated rocks up to 1 million 400 thousand cubic meters. In order to benefit the people of Tianjin, ordered the Tianjin municipal government in 1983 to Luan River to Tianjin. It was a successful solution to age-old water problems in Tianjin City and Tangshan City City for power generation and irrigation. 


Panjiakou Dam

Although Luanhe River Diversion Project has bought happiness to most of people, however, there are a group of people who are unhappy due to the construction. Panjiakou Dam, a district where used to have abundant fish and rice became isolated island after the construction was finished. Panjiakou Dam is one of the important water source of Luanhe River Diversion Project. When the Panjiakou Reservoir was filled, it submerged the town of Panjiakou under 50 m (164 ft) of water. Located in the hills above the town is a section of the Great Wall, part of it was submerged as well. The transportation is very inconvenient, the only public transportation  is by ship. People are looking for a bridge connected to outside. Most of the residents who lived in the island had migrated out, some of them stayed and working on fish-farming. Now Panjiakou also become a famous tourist attraction.


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