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Background Information

In the 2010s, Dubai was at their peak of trading and development. On the 4th of January, The Burj Khalifa skyscraper was opened, setting the record of the tallest skyscraper in world with a height of 829.8m. On the 1st of July, the second airport of Dubai, Al Maktoum International Airport was opened for operations, further expanding their capacity for flights and passengers. In 2012, the Princess Tower, a 101 story residential skyscraper was built, boasting their technology of skyscraper construction. In 2013, the Bluewaters Island project were put out, which a cost of 1.5bn usd is estimated. Throghout the years of development, Dubai had successfully transformed into an international city that became very attractive to many foreign investors.

The Bluewaters residence, which is our building of focus is a residential community planned to be opened  in 2018, situated on the bluewaters island. The reclaimed Bluewaters island is currently under construction, where it extends the Jumeirah Beach Residence coastline. The project started in April 2013 and estimated to be completed in 2018. The bluewaters residence consists of 10 buildings, with over 150 retail, dining and entertainment shops nearby.

Architectural Style

The 10 mid-rise residential towers were designed to be elegant and modernistic, with glass lining the fronts of the apartments. The residence takes in the concept of water, the towers were oriented to create a view shed that overlooks the sea from the apartments. Furthermore, the towers were said to be aligned to create unity within the community.

Within the apartment, it was decorated with a minimalistic and Scandinavian style. A neutral palette of walls and furniture accompanying light warm wooden floors.

Spatial Arrangement

The residential offers 3 types of apartments, the 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment. The basic unit of the one bedroom consists of a water closet, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bath and a balcony. The flat can be separated into 2 main part, the private and the public. Everything except the bedroom and the bathroom were public, allowing the remaining to be enjoyed by the owner and the visitor. Which could be said to be conceptually be similar to the arrangement of the traditional houses of Dubai, with the emphasis of sharing spaces with the guests. The more prominent characteristic that the current shares with the past, was the element of courtyard. Although courtyards no longer exists within the apartment, a water courtyard was surrounded by each of the towers, forming visual connection of a courtyard with each of the apartments.

Social Context


The spatial arrangement of the apartment may seems to be general, however, the particular way of parting the public and private speaks about the importance of socializing within the community. First of all, the first room that the entrance connects to was the living room, then the balcony and dining room. At the single bedroom flat, the public compromises more than 60 percent of apartment. Signifying the value of socializing. Moreover, by observation of the placement of the balcony, it were placed near the living and dining no matter the types of apartment.

As the development of Dubai becomes stable, was it time for the people to realize the importance of family? To rethink what composes of a home, and how the spatial arrangement of a home can reorganize how a family interacts within an apartment.

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  1. This blog post touches on the extremity of Dubai – the fast paced construction of having extravagant projects just pop up and then not long after another luxury project is birthed. The city is consumed by luxury and money and often builds for global status, instead of for the Dubai people. Most of the residents in Dubai are expats, and those who are originated from Dubai are pushed out due to the expensive living standard. I agree Dubai should realize the importance of family and build for the people instead of building skyscrapers after skyscrapers simply to be the richest city.

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