Seoul / Gangnam : The City With Four Tools (1990-2000) 3-2 A Specific Analysis of Apgujeong-dong

Apgujeong is a shopping center in Gangnam District of Seoul, named after the ancient Korean minister Han Mingkuai. Apgujeong area in Seoul as one of the famous shopping district, with the sale of luxury goods, mostly of Europe and the United States, Japan imported brands, and become the fashion trend of South Korea culture. Apgujeong Dong in Gangnam-gu District of Seoul gradually developing into an international fashion street. It was designated as early as 1996 here in Seoul city as “fashion street”, the famous shopping district of Seoul City, Apgujeong mainly targets in a variety of high-end consumer goods, especially the part of the international famous brands.

Apgujeong Rodeo Street

Apgujeong street is full of all kinds of large and medium-sized brand-name stores. Clothing and exquisite boutique are everywhere. Jewelry, bags and shoes popular with young people across the street in Apgujeong, worthy of the name “fashion street”. In addition, Apgujeong lead the trend of the times in South Korea, with cafe, restaurant and various beauty salons. Rodeo street also gathers a lot of cinema and culture show square to add a lot of color of culture for Apgujeong. Another beautiful scenery in  Apgujeong may be located on both sides of the street small cosmetic hospital. South Korea has a high level of cosmetic surgery, and the style of cosmetic surgery has become more prevalent in recent years. Apgujeong is the frontier of South Korean cosmetic medicine, many famous cosmetic hospital here. It is also seen from the other side that the Koreans have a strong pursuit of youth and beauty.

Apgujeong is good for the pursuit of individual consumers, to drive up the fashion consumers, stands for the trend of the times and a carefully crafted space. Especially modern young women hold a unique love of Apgujeong. In Apgujeong you can find your youth, find more beautiful, let you feel the fashion and trend. Apgujeong is so modern, so trendy, so many Korean films are selected here for the location, maybe it has become a new cultural code of South Korea.

Apgujeong-dong map

Galleria department store is located in Apgujeong Avenue is the senior department stores only sell a brand. The department store is composed of 2 distinctive buildings, separated by crosswalk in the middle. Customers can find the latest products of Gucci, Chanel and other first-class famous brands. For people who like famous brands and pursuit of fashion, Galleria department store is absolutely an inevitable shopping paradise. There is everything in COEX. In addition to performances, exhibitions, museums, aquarium and multimedia theaters, there are more food for customers from various countries in the world.

From Galleria department store building through Apgujeong in the Gangnam area is about 300 meters of road called “Rodeo street”. There are many high buildings on both sides of the road. There are some middle grade clothing stores and jewelry stores on both sides of the road. There are also many kinds of restaurants, cafes, singing rooms, etc. that are loved by many young people. There are nearly more than 1500 shops and shops, which can be called “a paradise for a young man”. The price is slightly higher than the area north of the Han River, but the indoor environment and the decoration will bring you more unique enjoyment.



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