The Neutral City – Kenzo Tange’s Influence on Land Use Plan

As mentioned previously that the War-Damaged Reconstruction Agency requested to establish a land use plan, they turn to find help from planning experts like Eika Takayama and Kenzo Tange. In this article, Kenzo Tange’s new land use plan will be discussed and analyse how it helped the urban planning later.

The activities of Kenzo Tange and their contribution to the reconstruction of Hiroshima in the period right after the war is mentioned. It is well known that lots of discussion about Kenzo Tange can be found so far beginning from the Peace Park of hiroshima . Most of those discussion about Kenzo Tange are introducing his respective works or analysing  his design from a viewpoint of the context of the history architecture of Japan or the world. His contribution to proposition of reconstruction plan and design activities is discussed considering the development of the reconstruction in that period.

As the first one of a serial research, more detailed discussion about the land use plan proposed by Kenzo Tange is performanced based on the investigation of the literatures. Firstly, the decision process of the reconstruction plan of Hiroshima is studies and some confirmation and complementation about the contribution of Kenzo Tange to this plan are presented. Secondly, as for the discussion about the proposition of Kenzo Tange to the reconstruction plan, his contribution to the Functional Area Principle is studied.

In the land use plan proposed by Kenzo Tange, he actually included a lot of his design philosophy and work related to historical statement instead of the influence of the world modern architecture. The present study is to organize the construction activities of the Hiroshima reconstruction of red under Kenzo Tange supervision. In the land use planning process, Kenzo Tange was actually under the War Damage Reconstruction Agency and thus his decision was made with approval of the Ministry of the Interior. He proposed to classify the land use according to the function area principle, in which different areas in Hiroshima was responsible different types of activities namely, the industrial, commercial, residential and non-defined area. The reason why the land use plan is important because it determines the urban structure and infrastructural development within the city.

However, to analyse, Kenzo Tange was though appointed by the War Damage Reconstruction Agency to draft a land use plan, his impact of influence was limited since the outline of the street plan and green space plan were drafted and decided by the agency. Moreover, different stakeholders also had conflict during the land use plan discussion which eventually led to strong opposition towards his plan. The city reconstruction council also discussed the considerable density with regards to the reconstruction plan so that the commission system was accepted like a sideway against the reconstruction plan. Thus, this explains why the reconstruction plan under Kenzo Tange was not carried out and adopted efficiently due to the forces in different aspects. Yet, there are considerably similar proposals such as the post office special district, and there is also a conclusion that the judgment of the reconstruction council side was bad. Regarding the regional system, there was also a change of fine weather, and a considerable part of the Tange plan was adopted. To sum up, we can still conclude that the role played by Kenzo Tange was significant.

Original Land Use Plan proposed by Kenzo Tange

Actual Land Use Plan


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