Start of City Planning of Jerusalem

Jerusalem has been through a constant shift of rulers and leader throughout its history. Due to this changing reign, we have seen a significant difference in the way the city was laid out and planned. The following two images represent the shift brought about by one of the first recorded city planning idea envisioned for Jerusalem.

The city in the early 1900s clearly defined the boundary between the different quarters for different religious believers for e.g.- the Christian quarters, the Muslim quarters, Armenian Quarters, the scared major city. Yet there were no sections in the major city, which were designated to the Jewish population. The city boundaries were clearly defined with the surrounding area scattered with a minimum population. The Cook’s plan of Jerusalem rejected the prior notion of sectioning the city, with the Jerusalem not yet parted into west and east, had a more varied perspective regarding the whole city. The plan kept the integrity of the main city but also expanding the usage of the city. To the outer areas. The focus of religious institutions also changed more towards Christianism, with the incoming of the British troops. This was a major move, which neglected not only the existence of the native Jewish but also the other cultures present in the jurisdictional area

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