SEOUL/ (Before) Walkability as New Modernity: Seoul Station Overpass in 1970s (I)

The post below displays a series of photograph [1] that features people, taken prior and right after the construction of the Seoul Station Overpass around 1970. 

Photograph (1971) – Expansion project commencement, on the road with government officials and a crowd of anticipating citizens
The expansion project was much celebrated among the government and the people.
Photograph (1971) – Infrastructural work considered as pride of the city
A group of project officials explaining the scope of work to the public and reporters.   
(words on the backdrop: Seoul Station <-> Wanlidong <-> Conduit Tunnel Expansion Project)
Photograph (1975) – Interview was done to promote the success of the Overpass
Photograph (1975) – The Overpass as a major infrastructural work that gives wide roads to automobile, was considered as pride of Seoul in 1970s.
Photograph (1975) – Human beings appeared minute on the vehicle-way
The Overpass was considered in automobile scale.
Photograph (1979) – On 29 May, the former president Park Chung-hee and the first lady set feet on the Overpass after the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the success of this major construction work of the city.  


1. 조경과 편의시설 | 서울로7017, Seoul Metropolitan Government , 2018,

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