Taipei(1996-2006)/ Community Environment Remodelling Scheme: 1-3 Yong Kang Park Pedestrian Lane Referendum – Stimulus to Institutionalization of Participatory Urban Planning


Chen Shui-bien’s decision to demolish the Yong Kang Park and broaden the Yong Kang Street as the solution to the increased traffic volume brought by the Xinyi planned area ran into contrary to his previous endeavors in freeing space from the structural symbolism of martial law. 

” I love the street, I love the morning. I will be very upset, if anything ever happens to the trees,” said by a college student Chen Yiyi, who later became the convenor of the Yong Kang Park Trees Protection Movement. The youthful vanguard of the city formed a community-based organization dubbed the “Friends of Yong Kang Park”, spurring 500 people into the signed petition for protecting the trees, and eventually saved 59 old trees and the park itself. People were united to decide the fate for their own community all out of this pure love for the trees and the public space. 

Yong Kang Park Pedestrian Lane Referendum was later held in 1995, with 730 winning votes out of 900. The initiative of the Community Environmental Remodelling Plan spanning across a decade came as a friendly response from the authority with the respect to the voting result, while professor was invited to carry out an experimental project of Yongkang Community Game Lane. The advocacy in participatory community planning started to mature from this point.

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