The ambitiously constructed archipelago of islands such as the Palm is sinking down into the sea, according to evidence cited before a property court.

The low-lying islands represent a vague shape out to sea when viewed from Dubai’s beaches
These man-made islands are located off the coast of Dubai and using yacht to access. It was designed to sell for billionaires with series of hotel complexes as well as luxury villas. However, the British lawyer bringing a case against the state-run developer for a company, Nakheel, has told judges their sands are eroding and the navigational channels between them are silting up.

According to Richard Wilmot-Smith QC, for Penguin Marine, said the islands are gradually sinking into the sea”. The evidence showed “erosion and deterioration of The World islands”, he added. With all but one of the islands still uninhabited – Greenland – and that one a showpiece owned by the ruler of Dubai, most of the development plans have been brought to a crashing halt by the financial crisis.

According to Nakheel, the developer, some 70% of the 300 islands were sold before reports that the islands are sinking into the sea began hitting the news.

The World is reportedly sinking. Photo: Inhabitat

Now, most of the development on all but one of the islands has been halted. Greenland, however, is still under construction. That’s because the ruler of Dubai lives there. The failure has been a few years in the making: when property prices in Dubai tanked after the Emirates basically went bust, most of the investors in The World weren’t able to continue financing continuing work.

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