Green Corridor Plan (1975)/Key aspects of urban planning and land reform of ger districts

Figure showing timeline and main aspects of the ger districts in terms of urban planning and land reform

The mind map summarizes the key happenings of ger districts in terms of urban form in relation to urban planning and land reform. It illustrates the transition of the ger districts from a traditional informal settlement to a permanent housing type with legally recognized ownership. This complements with the large extents of ger districts on the Green Corridor Plan (1975), implying that the importance of retaining these traditional housings and exploring the possibility of co-existence between gers and apartments is acknowledged.


Byambadorj, Tseregmaa, Marco Amati, and Kristian J. Ruming. “Twenty-first Century Nomadic City: Ger Districts and Barriers to the Implementation of the Ulaanbaatar City Master Plan.” Asia Pacific Viewpoint 52, no. 2 (August 2011): 169.

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