Land Registration Level and Kampong Distribution Figure

Figure 1: Land registration Level Map

Figure 2: Kampong District Distribution Map


The first map shows the level of registered land in Jakarta and the second map shows the distribution of kampongs in the city in 2000. As it can be perceived from the first map, most of the land in Jakarta is not registered and informal settlement is prevalent type of land rights in Jakarta. The second map shows that the kampongs are mostly scattered over the city and more focused on the north Jakarta, which is the waterside. By comparing the two figure, we can see that kampongs are more situated in unregistered land of the city.


Image Sources:

World Bank. 2011. Jakarta – Urban challenges in a changing climate (English). Washington, DC: World Bank.

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  1. Hi Gina, I enjoyed reading your findings, balancing the government’s and the kampong residents’ perspectives, while fleshing out the complexities of the issue of informal settlements. The maps you’ve found are very interesting; I would just be careful about making the conclusion that “kampongs are more situated in unregistered land” just by “comparing the two figures”, when there are certainly anomalies in the data set that do not correspond with your statement. You can also be critical about the definition of “slum” here, since you made the distinction between a slum and a kampong in your earlier post. Cheers.

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