SEOUL / Walkability as Covering Up Tool: Opposing Voice for Seoullo 7017

This post shows the opposing voice towards Seoullo 7017 [1], which can barely find in the internet and research papers.

Photograph 1 (2017) – Kwon Ki-ho, chairman of the local association of shoemakers

According to Kwon Ki-ho, chairman of the local association of shoemakers, Seoul Metropolitan government initially promised them to build a branch connecting Seoullo 7017 and the sidewalk near the street next to their communities. With the new connection, they believed that a potential increase in pedestrian traffic and customers would be brought. However, the plan changed with no compensation and offered no alternatives. There is no ramp or staircase down to the communities after the construction of Seoullo 7017.

Photograph 2 (2017) – Protest Banners on Yeomcheon Bridge “Build a new path from the 2017 Flower Road to Handmade Shoe Street” (Left) and “Let’s Ruin Park Won-Soon’s life and dreams too” (Right)


[1] Ben Jackson, “Seoullo 7017: Urban Asset or Vanity Project?”, Korea Expose, May 20, 2017,

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