SEOUL / Walkability as Covering Up Tool: Propaganda promoting Walkability

This post displays banners found in the poster campaign in Seoul metro station in January 2018, [1] praising the citizens for their contribution to these walkability projects and spreading the idea of the success of urban planning policy in making the city more beautiful and appealing.

Photograph 1 (2018) – Promotional poster with title “잘 생겼다!”, which means “Well Done!” Or “Looking Good!”
Photograph 2 (2018) – Promotional poster with title “서울력 고가의 새로운 탄생”, which means “The Seoul Station Overpass’ new birth”


[1] Marieke Schmidt. “Shaping Seoul Employing Heritage in the Urban Regeneration Projects Seoullo 7017 and Again Sewoon” Asian Studies, Critical Heritage Studies, Leiden University, 2018,

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