SEOUL / Walkability as Covering Up Tool: Structural Deterioration of the Seoul Station Overpass

The post shows a minor problem of the Seoullo 7017, which is the deterioration of the structure. Under the “Special Act on the Safety and Maintenance of Facilities” (South Korea current law no. 14545), the safety grade of the facilities are divided into A (excellent), B (satisfactory), C (normal), D (insufficient), and E (defective) and the precision safety department diagnosed this structure with Grade D, which means the overpass could not bear vehicles over 13 tonnes. After the revitalization of the overpass, the structural issue is not yet solved, leading to a restriction of maximum 5000 people on the highway. However, the structural issue became one of the attraction spots on the Seoullo 7017, marking its historical value.

Photographe 1 – Seoul Station Overpass in 1970s [1]
Photograph 2 – Seoul Station Overpass before closure [1]
Photograph 3 (2018) – The structural issue is now reinforced and used as a attractive spots on Seoullo 7017, marking the historical use of the overpass. [2]

[1] Yu Eugene, “Seoul Station Overpass Opens to the Public Only for One Day”, The korea Bizwire, October, 2014,

[2] By author

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