SEOUL / Walkability as Covering Up Tool: Walk and Bike Festival 2018

This post displays a series of photography [1] recording the Walk and Bike Festival in Seoul in 2018, showing walkability is celebrated in Seoul.

Photograph 1 (2018) – Participants can take a look around Seoul without being concerned about motorized traffic and being exposed to noise and pollution
Photography 2 (2018) – Namsan Tunnel No.3 were made accessible for cyclists and walkers. A DJ was invited to play music at the end of the tunnel to create a real festival atmosphere
Photograph 3 (2018) – The logos of Seoul’s walking brand were projected on the walls of the tunnel with the meaning of “I – Walk, Seoul – U” and Let’s Walk, Seoul”


[1] Nikola Medimorec, “Recap of the Seoul Walk and Bike Festival 2018”, KOJECT, Oct 14, 2018,




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