Material Construction Project for Tianjin Special Municipality City and Building Form

In the “City Plan of Nanjing“, Henry Murphy advocated the traditional Chinese architectural styles. He proposed that “the government buildings should be as much as possible in the Chinese form while for the commercial architecture, considering about its function, they can be in the foreign form and be decorated with traditional Chinese element on the exterior” (Murphy,1929). Liang and Zhang also talked about the building form in their Tianjin plan. They analyzed the benefits and shortcomings of the traditional Chinese style and western style from the perspective of utility, solidity and beauty that the western form is not that adaptable in the local environment while the old Chinese construction material which is mainly wood is not durable enough for the current usage. So they adopted that ” This plan is based on this new Chinese architectural form combining Western and Chinese art to design the administrative center” (Liang & Zhang, 1930).


Elevation of the municipal administration center designed by Liang Si Cheng, “Material Construction Project for Tianjin Special Municipality City” , Liang and Zhang, 1930.

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  1. The narratives mainly illustrated the urban planning thoughts and projects referred by the Liangzhang Scheme for Tianjin and the main ideology, intention and key infrastructure systems of the scheme. However, it somehow lacks the comparison between the Liangzhang Scheme and the referred concepts in details of formal characters and maps. Moreover, it will be better to further clarify what problems that Liangzhang Scheme wanted to solve by what means. Then the narratives will be richer.

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