“Material Construction Project for Tianjin Special Municipality City” and Contemporary Tianjin Park System

Liang and Zhang referenced to the Nanjing plan on the park system that the whole system is composed of the schoolyard, amusement park, public stadium, big parks, small parks, suburb parks and boulevard systems. It is important to be noticed that, the park system spreading in the city are connected by the boulevard and has a strong relationship with the main road and Haihe river. In 2017, the local government has had already a series of policy about the current municipal park system. “Historical Park and New City Park” (多園通街衢) is one of the planning for “Open Space System Design for Central District of Tianjin”. The historical parks dating back to Liang and Zhang’s time are now connected with the newly built parks after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China by main roads. Another policy is “Suburban Ecological Park” (生態十一園). Eleven ecological parks are built around the periphery of Tianjin city. Basically, the park system framework proposed by Liang and Zhang is applied in the contemporary Tianjin city.

Park System,  “Material Construction Project for Tianjin Special Municipality City”, Liang Sicheng and ZhangRui,1930 with green marked by Mao


“Material Construction Project for Tianjin Special Municipality City”


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