Bibliography 2: Material Construction Project for Tianjin Special Municipality city

This is the research subject of our group study. Originally, we couldn’t find it from the library or online sources, so we actually paid to acquire the scanned version of this archive. It’s currently saved in Tianjin City Archive Center. Before we saw the document, we didn’t know that it was a really compact book with more than 100 pages, which is quite surprising considering that we are only expecting a general plan or several drawings. But after we got to know that it was deeply influenced by the Nanjing Capital Plan by Henry K. Murphy in 1929, we understand why it was in such organized format. It was the competition submission for the solicitation of city plan in Tianjin in 1930.


In 1930/01/16, at the 64th regular meeting of the Tianjin Municipal Government Council, the mayor Cui Tingxian proposed “Tianjin Special City Government to Solicit Tianjin Construction Plan”, which was submitted to the municipal meeting for discussion and passed at the municipal meeting.In 1930/01/18 the third edition of newspaper Ta Kung Pao published the article “How to build a new Tianjin – the municipal government will seek expert works” to publicize the construction plan for the Tianjin area.In 1930/02/04 Ta Kung Pao published the article “Tianjin Special City Government Soliciting New Tianjin to Material Construction Plan” on the front page for six consecutive days.In 1930/04/25 Ta Kung Pao published “The City’s material construction plan – the solicitation plan is about to be published with Zhang Liang’s contribution”, saying that in the collection of entries, “there are Zhang Bomian (Zhang Rui) and Liang Sicheng, who studied in America and were municipal scholars. Liang is currently a teacher at Northeastern University. He is making a map description, edited by Zhang, and will soon be released. The competition bonus is most likely to be granted to the two.”


Considering the Liang Zhang Plan was really too long, we decided to combine the content introduction and the comparison with Nanjing Capital Plan together when we were doing presentation. Liang Sicheng and Zhang Rui learned the structure of the plan from Nanjing Capital Plan, almost to an extent that we could say they copied the structure from Nanjing plan, because when we are comparing the two, the categories in the content page was almost the same and some of the chapters are also quite similar. But we didn’t consider this as
Plagiarism because there are still a lot of differences in the some other chapters. And also when it comes to the actual planning, they did a lot of site investigation and indeed considered Tianjin’s city characteristics.

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