Taipei (1996-2006)/ Community Environment Remodelling Scheme: Bibliography (Journal Articles)

Lin, Yan-jun 林妍君. 2002. Shequ canyu zai Taibeishi shequ huanjing gaizao yingyong zhi yanjiu社區參與在台北市社區環境改造應用之研究─以東榮社區與萬和社區為例 [The impacts of participatory community planning in Taipei local neighbourhood]. National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan.

Huang, Li-ling. 2004. “Community Participation in Taipei’s Urban Planning in the 1990s: The Impacts of the Globalization Process, Local Politics and Neighborhood Response.” Journal of Geographical Science, no. 34: 61-78.

Ke, Yu-Chang. 2009. “ Issues and Prospects of Participatory Community Planning in Taiwan from the Viewpoint of Citizen Governance.”Journal of Taiwan land research Vol 12, No.1
(May): 125-151.

These journal articles generally explore the impacts and evolution of Community Environment Remodelling Scheme in Taipei.

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