Bibliography 4: Analysis on relationship between concessions and modernization process of Tianjin

Gao Fumei, Analysis on relationship between concessions and modernization process of Tianjin, 2008, City, vol.12, p72-75


During research, we looked further into the relationship between traditional old town and the concessions, so we found this article, which mainly discussed how the foreign invaders brought in technology of western countries during the process of developing concessions and how that fueled the modernization of Tianjin as a city.

The article mainly discusses the topic in three aspects. First chapter is about the architecture style in the concessions area. At that time, consulate, police station, bank, housing, cinema and so on was built in different concessions, and the architecture was really diversified considering there were total nine countries demarcated their concessions in Tianjin. Each country was building the concession in their own way, which led to the patch-work feature in urban scale due to this kind of regional segmentation. In second chapter, the focus shifted to the public utilities including water supply, electricity supply, gas system, public transportation, etc. It is clear that the modernization of Tianjin started with these foreign companies. The impact on people’s living was apparent. For example, after the tap water was offered, the incidence of infectious diseases was reported lower according the newspaper at the time.

I selected some of the key events during this process, including:

-In 1901, The French Concession Council established the first commercial DC power plant in Tianjin near the French Bridge.-In 1903 Tianjin Ji’an Water Supply Company held water supply ceremony.-In 1904 Representatives of China and Belgium signed a contract in Tianjin to establish Tianjin Electricity and Electric Light Company.-1905 German Concession Power Station established. Street lights are installed on the main streets of the German Concession. Since then, urban lighting has been modernized.As for the last chapter, it’s about the influence of concessions in cultural aspects, more specifically the modern law system along with newspaper business and education. But this was not very related to our topic so I won’t include too much here.

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