Building Regulation Report 2018


A report launched by the Public Building Department of the City Planning Bureau in 2018, summarizing the main design regulations written since the year of 1989 where the first set of regulations have been established.

The the report mentioned about the concerns of the design of public facilities and the use of internal reports to evaluate the use of public space for improvement. It also mentioned about the process of the negotiation for the use of public space between different parties. The following diagram shown the process of application for designs that didn’t directly following the regulations set by the government.

Process for application on new design approach


From the diagram, it shown that the application was first discussed by the Special Administration Agency who governs the building administration in general. Negotiation between the two parties will be made to balance in between the existing regulations and the suggested design. Once the design is approved by the Administration Agency, the application will be submitted to the Architectural supervisor for confirmation. The supervisor is required to monitor the work till the end of the construction and several reports are required to submit from the applicant to the Administration Agency.


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