Dubai / Palm Jumeirah / 2001-2006 / City as a model (II)

Image 1:The Pearl – Qatar vs Palm Jumeirah – Dubai

The Pearl in nearby Qatar is one of the offshore residential resorts that are designed and constructed based off of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, and how the Palm inspired the Pearl could be seen from many aspects. From the design form (Image 1), both the palm tree shape and the meandering pearl chain of the Pearl aims at extending and elongating the coastline for residential development and as developing tourist attractions like beaches and hotels with coastal views; both have a highway that serve as the single route to enter the island to symbolise disintegration from the outside world; both utilise the gimmick of themed islands to attract investors and tourists from a diverse background with varying tastes and interests. Apart from the physical design, the Pearl’s management and substance is also Palm-inspired. For example, Doha practices separate mainland and offshore policies – the Pearl is the first land in Doha available for freehold ownership by foreigners (1). Also, once again to create an illusion of a utopia and to symbolise extravaganza, only selective types of facilities and programs are placed on the offshore island, such as luxury hotels and villas, leisure facilities and high-end retail stores. Similar operation mode of the Palm Jumeirah and the Pearl can be explained by the large number of real estate developers on the Pearl that are actually Dubai-based (2); for example the real estate developer of Palm Jumeirah Al Nakheel Properties, others like Emaar Properties, Dubai Properties, Damac Properties etc. They play a key role in helping import design and developmental ideas into other countries to spread the wave of Dubaization.


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  1. This is an interesting entry about this uprising international power. I would like to know more about how such attractions play into the economy of Dubai. If it is proved to be a huge success economically, are they projecting to expand their own country in such a way? What would be the consequence if such a mode of urban development continues indefinitely.

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