Taipei (1996-2006)/ Community Environment Remodelling Scheme: Bibliography (Journal)

Huang, Li-Ling. 2003. “Community Participation in Taipei’s Urban Planning in the 1990s The Impacts of the Globalization Process,.” JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCE 61-78 (34).


This paper aims to illustrate the multiple interactions among global processes,
local politics and the community response in Taipei’s urban planning in the 1990s. It
starts with an analysis of the characters of Taipei’s urban planning in three distinct
stages, including Japanese colonial era before WWII, the KMT authoritarian regime
prior to the late 1980s, and the era of emerging civil society since the late 1980s,
giving special attention to the dramatic transformation in the past two decades. Then
the paper introduces the model of participatory planning at the community level,
which is the outcome produced by the new urban politics in the global era. Using
the example of community actions in the community of Yong-kang, the study then
elaborates the power geometry of urban politics working at the community level. In
the final part, the participatory model’s achievements and limitation are highlighted.

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