Taipei (1996-2006)/ Community Environment Remodelling Scheme: Bibliography (Journal)

Ke, Yu-Chang. 2009. “Issues and Prospects of Participatory Community Planning in Taiwan from the Viewpoint of Citizen Governance.” Journal of Taiwan Land Research 12 (1): 125-151.


Participatory community planning has been attracting much attention in recent years.
Not only does it impact the planning field, but it also offers a theoretical basis and some
practical examples for local governance. However, it is difficult to assess its effects on
public affairs only from the planning perspective. This study discusses the issues related
to participatory community planning and the solutions from the viewpoint of local
governance. This standpoint includes “communitarianism” and “citizen governance.”
The aim of the study is to explore ways to facilitate a more active and positive role of
community participation in planning and public affairs.

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