The Yassiada Trial After 1960 Turkish Coup D’Etat

Menderes at the Yassıada Trial in 1960 after the military coup that overthrew DP earlier in the same year

In May 1960 a military coup overthrew the Democrat Party (DP) Government. The prime minister Menderes, along with his DP fellows, were sent to the Yassiada Island for a year-long trial and, in the end, sentenced to death.

Menderes was accused of commencing the redevelopment of Istanbul without a comprehensive plan addressing necessary details. He was also charged with malfeasance during his tenure as he, a prime minister rather than an architect, involving too much in the planning of Istanbul thus abandoning other duties. Menderes, denying the charges and defending himself by declaring his intention of beautifying Istanbul, fail to present the plan or proofs of the existence of such a plan. The trial ended in 1961 with the hanging of Menderes and the DP fellows. Despite persistent studies, whether Menderes have had a proper plan or not remains a mystery.

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