Golden Shoe Redevelopment- Official Impression

source: Planning Department, 1964

This drawing shows the official impression of the golden shoe district, the whole redevelopment project was coordinated and under the guidance of government. As Singapore was planning on establishing its identity as a “world city”, the Golden Shoe District was designed as a financial hub providing essential banking infrastructures. Thus the envisioned image was correspondingly the one of a modern metropolis with high rise office buildings, connected podium, wide roads, greeneries in sharp contrast with surrounding slums. (Lee, 2010)

“the scheme takes the form of a podium to a height of 3 storeys which will extend throughout the development. Super-structures will be erected on the podium in the form of towers or slab blocks. The objectives of the scheme are the creation of a harmonious streetscape which will give an impressive skyline when seen from the sea or from other parts of the City”(Planning Department, 1964, page 4).

From projects built in the Golden Shoe district in later years, the influence of this image was apparent, the tower-podium typology required by the government as shown in this image was adopted by most of the architects regardless of their background and nationality.






Lee, Kah-Wee. “Regulating Design in Singapore: A Survey of the Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme.” Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy 28, no. 1 (2010): 145-64.

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