Kyoto City Landscape Policy 2007/ Arguments against Kyoto Tower

古都の破壊 : 京都タワー反対の論点 – Destruction of historical city: Arguments against Kyoto Tower

[Public Initiative]

Destruction of historical city. Source: Kosho

The book is a collection of texts compiled by 京都を愛する会 in 1964 in response to the construction of Kyoto Tower. It represents a joint effort of the public, scholars, and architects in attempt to stop the erection of a 131 meter tall structure [1]. The Kyoto Tower is a project that exploits a loophole in the building height regulations. The architect labelled the tower as a roof structure and so the building technically conforms to the policy.

The public was outraged to discover that such as tall structure would be built in Kyoto and as a result several groups were established, including the “Group of Loving Kyoto’, the ‘Group of Wives to Protect Kyoto’, and the ‘Council of The Young to Protest Construction of Kyoto Tower’ [2]. Architect Antonin Raymond, who built a few projects in Japan, was strongly against the tower and he sent his protest to the Japan Institute of Architects in hope to help the cause. Other architects also protested against the tower by signing a petition, including Kenzo Tange, Yoshinobu Ashihara, and Junzo Sakura. Despite these efforts, the construction of Kyoto Tower did not stop.


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