Kyoto City Landscape Policy 2007/ Center for Street Creation

京都市景観・まちづくりセンター – Kyoto City Landscape : Center for street creation

[Public Intitiative]

Founded in 1997, the Center for Street Creation is a community based organization that works together with other parties to guide and support the district planning [1]. The foundation has members in different disciplines, such as architects and real estate developers, enabling it to provide professional support to any approaching citizen.

The Center has a Machizukuri Fund that provides financial support for locals that want to renovate their Machiya houses. In 2007 the fund helped 13 Machiyas in Kyoto City, including the Hachiman-yama club in Nakagyo-ku. Hachiman-yama is a traditional shop house structure with a space for gatherings. During the Gion Festival the locals would gather in the courtyard and celebrate, therefore the facade facing the courtyard is restored to show its original design.

One of the important regular event hosted by the center is the ‘Cityscape Symposium’, aiming to educate the public about the preservation of the Kyo-machiya [2]. The 2015 winter symposium offers free seminars about the maintenance of the Machiya, the development of Machiya in the 21st century, and the future of the Machiya. In addition, there are seminars costing 5000 yen (around 350 hkd) for citizens who want to learn about the details of Kyoto landscape management, in particular the legal aspects of the policy.


Keikan Machidai. Source: Kyoto Machisen


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