Kyoto City Landscape Policy 2007/ Miyako Plan

みやこ計画 – Miyako Plan

[Local Government]

Miyako Plan Digest Version. Source: City of Kyoto


The Miyako Plan is a 10 year master plan for Kyoto created in 2011. The city realized the importance of cooperation of citizen and the authority, so the formation of this plan involved different people of the city. The plan also works in line with the plans of each ward in Kyoto, forming a more comprehensive scheme.

Young scholars researched the local districts and citizens were asked to complete questionnaires to express their thoughts on the city [1]. The plan also addresses new problems such as the declining and ageing population, global warming, globalization, and low economic growth.

The plan also includes a section on landscape, with aims to create a pedestrian friendly city that preserves the historical scenery and housing. With the uprising demographic problems, there may be further decline of the traditional machiya houses as the old residents pass away or the younger generation move out of the city in search for other job opportunities. Tourism may become a solution to attract people back to the city and improve the financial situation.


[1] City of Kyoto. “Miyako Plan Digest Version”. (2011) Accessed 28th December 2018.

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