Kyoto City Landscape Policy 2007/ Shutoku-School-District Community

修得 学区 – Shutoku School District Community

[Local District]

In 2006, the Shutoku community set up a committee to regulate and oversee the local street landscapes. Releasing a charter that describes the rising problems, the cultural values of the streetscape, and how it should be preserved. After the 2007 Landscape policy, they wrote a second charter that focused more on the townscape. As a small-scale, bottom up scheme it becomes more specific to the local district.

The text writes that the district has houses built during different historical periods, and together create an unique town aesthetic. The conservation of these individual buildings is encouraged and will be supported by the committee.

House built in the Meiji Era, with the ‘bug cage’ feature. Source: City of Kyoto

There have been new residents coming to the district who lack knowledge of the area and the old residents are beginning to abandon their old Machiya houses. Therefore a big part of the charter is to educate the locals about the characteristics of the area and let them know it is an important asset that they should be proud of. There are also regular community events that bring people together to discuss what they imagine to be the future of the district. One of those occasions is the ‘Charter Promotion Conference’ which included a townscape design workshop where residents of the district exchanged opinions on the buildings and overall town aesthetic [1].

Charter Promotion Conference. Source:  City of Kyoto

The district features a local shopping area which is declining due to new supermarkets and department stores. The charter aims to change this by revitalizing the shopping area and promote the local food and craft products.


Charter on Townscape Creation Source: Shutoku District [2]


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