Macau/Present Development of Hengqin

Since Hengqin has become part of Zhuhai special economic area from 2009, its high-speed development is in the way that was expected. Now Hengqin is no longer the village decades ago, and sparing no effort to chase the path of modernism(Fig.1). According to the plan, Hengqin Island should be developed for leisure and holiday resorts, high-tech industries, research and development of new technologies, cultural and creative industries as well as higher education[2]. Hengqin has also signed deals to build a Hello Kitty theme park, a LEGO theme park, and experience centres for Porsche and football club Real Madrid[3].

[1] Fig.1 Hengqin under high-speed construction

Although Hengqin has such great planning direction and it is under rapid construction, it seems like it is under too much expectation to keep going. The average selling price of a flat in Hengqin was close to RMB40,000 per square metre in 2015, even though most of Hengqin was brownfield and construction sites at that time[4]. Such high property prices were set based on the intention to make Hengqin a free-trade area. According to the fact that Hengqin was just a small village decades ago, it suggests that there is little possibility that Hengqin New Area could provide a stage for the local with less purchasing power. Considering Hengqin’s original planning, it is not surprised that the local would not be the main target. Present development of Hengqin seems accompanied by the process of leaving its own inhabitants behind and attracting people with more wealth outside.


[1]Fig.1 A year ago, Hengqin New Area rapidly growing, source:

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