Rent Control Act, Land Acquisition Act, Control Premises Act

Rent Control Act 1947

to protect tenants from unreasonable rent increases arising from housing shortages caused by WWII.

Rent on any kind of premises covered by the Act may not increase beyond its 1939 level, repossession of such premises is restricted.

Land Acquisition Act 1966

An Act to provide for the acquisition of land for public and certain other specified purposes, the assessment of compensation to be made on account of such acquisition and for purposes connected therewith. It gave government greater power for appropriation of private land in the national interest.

Control Premises Act 1969

Landlords could apply for exemption from the rent control ordinance, terminate tenancy and repossess the premises

Compensations Tenants Compensation Board was established to award what it considered fair compensation to house owners who did not own the land and to tenants and subtenants under the following criteria: 

Business premises: loss of income incurred, the loss of goodwill, the cost of relocation, the annual rent paid, the location and sitting of the controlled premises

Residential premises: cost of relocation, annual rent paid, location and sitting of the controlled premises

Not only to allow landlords to repossess their premises, but to redevelop the parcels to usages appropriate to the land values.

Prohibited further subletting and selling of the property without prior consent from the relevant government authorities

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