The Allon Plan

The Allon plan which represents the Israel’s plan on the west bank was a peace plan formulated by the Israeli labour minister, Yigal Allon. This plan was formulated after Israel captured Arab territory in the six-day war. (Affairs 2018) To appease the situation after the 1967 war, the Allon Plan initially focused on the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT). Inevitably, the plan evolved and expanded according to the divergent views and levels of influence of other cabinet figures from the left-wing social democratic labour party. Such influences resulted in changing agendas of the plan throughout the years.

Outlines of the Allon plan was as such:

1. Peace with the Arab states and the Palestinians is possible and essential.

2. The geo-strategic integrity of Eretz Israel will be preserved and it will allow the marking of borders that would provide Israel with security and prevent future wars.

3. From a demographic standpoint a Jewish majority will be kept/maintained which would allow Israel to exist as a Democratic
Jewish state, based on the principles of the Zionist vision.

4. The Palestinian People will be given the opportunity to realize an independent national life/existence without threatening the security of the State of Israel. It will provide them with the option to establish political relations with Jordan and/or the State of Israel.

By remaining unofficial and vaguely worded, the Allon Plan bridged the gap between the government’s need to appear moderate to the international community and its desire to maintain the option of ‘stretching’ settlement boundaries in the future. (Affairs 2018)

Affairs, Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International. 2018. “Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs .” THE ALLON PLAN, JUNE 1967. Accessed November 20, 2018.

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