Public Building – The Israel Rokach Municipal Government Hospital

During the planning of Tel Aviv, the masterplan by Patrick Geddes has always put strong emphasis on the ideas of public health and social well-beings. The Hadassah Hospitals, formed by a group of Zionist women, aimed to promote public health in Palestine. The Meir Rothschild Hospital (1918) acts as an early pioneer in providing medical services to the regions surrounding Jerusalem.


The Israel Rokach Municipal Government Hospital (1935), formerly The Hadassah Hospital, is a modern, fully equipped hospital built in the 30s to replace the smaller, older Meir Rothschild Hospital. Various departments and services were present in the new hospital including paediatrics, infants, nursing school and research institutes. It provides help in healing and preventing of diseases which were common at the time, for example trachoma and malaria. Together with other hospitals under the Hadassah organization, they jointly help lower infant mortality and childhood diseases in the region. The nursing school also provides Tel Aviv with advanced training of medical staffs and paved the way for outdoing nearby regions in medical staff export in the future.


The building of new hospitals, coupled with other social amenities such as post offices, fire stations, truly endow Tel Aviv with the identity of being the ‘new’. These social services, along with the hardware of physical buildings, landscape and road networks, transform the Jewish society in Tel Aviv into the pioneers in the Palestinian and Arabic region. These infrastructural upgrades add a meaningful layer to remediate the identity crisis of Tel Aviv.


The Israel Rokach Municipal Government Hospital. Photography: Zoltan Kluger. GPO.


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