Cultural Landscape of Okazaki in Kyoto/ Kyoto Culture and Citizens Affairs Bureau

Cultural Landscape of Okazaki in Kyoto: 京都岡崎の文化的景観 [第5章: 琵琶湖疏水と生活生業]

This report is a new genre of cultural properties born by the revision of the Cultural Properties Protection Act in 2004, which is promoted mainly in the evaluation of landscapes formed by the primary industry.  This report investigates and examines how to capture urban landscapes in the area of ​​Okazaki in Kamo East from 2010 to 2013.

Okazaki, where many cultural facilities such as art museums, zoos, and halls are concentrated, is an iconic place of modern Kyoto brought about by the Lake Biwa Canal that was excavated in the Meiji era. Dredging was indispensable not only for transportation, but also for the promotion of industry using rich water and the creation of modern gardens using flowing water. A city is a place where various values ​​overlap, so it is very difficult to understand its cultural landscape. As a result of the investigation, it was stipulated that the characteristics of “Kyoto Okazaki’s cultural landscape” can be understood as “city’s“ Scenic Hinterland ””. In addition, the preservation management plan is a summary of the results of discussions and examinations on how to protect the value of the cultural landscape of Okazaki, Kyoto, and how to protect it.

This report also contains some analytical drawings which showing the development of Okazaki area after the construction of Biwa Lake Canal.

(Development of the Okazaki Park Area from 1895-2012)

(Diagram showing the Kyoto temples using Biwa Lake Canal Water to provide fire protection water)


Reference: Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties. 京都岡崎の文化的景観調査報告書 [Kyoto Okazaki Area Cultural and Landscape Survey Report]. Kyoto: Culture and Citizens Affairs Bureau, 2013.
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