A Plan for Lake Biwa Canal Construction/ Tanabe Sakuro

A Plan for Lake Biwa Canal Construction: 琵琶湖疏水工事

This book covers many of Tanabe Sakuro technical drawings for the Lake Biwa Canal Project, including pre-construction survey drawings, geometric survey of the target area, sectional drawings of the Canal Line, sectional drawings of waterways and tunnels,  drawings of hydroelectric power station and so on.

(Geometric measured map from kyoto to otsu)

(Canal Waterways Sections)

(drawings of hydroelectric power station)

(drawings of Water Dam)

Reference: Tanabe Sakuro. 琵琶湖疏水工事圖譜 [A Plan for Lake Biwa Canal Construction]. Tanabe Sakuro, 1891.
Links to the Full Book: http://dl.ndl.go.jp/info:ndljp/pid/846121?itemId=info%3Andljp%2Fpid%2F846121&__lang=en

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