Alternatives Solutions for Jakarta Traffic Congestion

The inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and the unreliable nature of the Jakarta public transport system has caused people to choose to own and use their private vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Thus, there has been a rapid increase in the usage of private vehicle ownership that reached a staggering number. There have also been changes in the pattern of public transport system usage from using buses and other means of transport to private cars and motorcycles, causing a decline in the usage of the bus as a mode of transportation. This fact means that Jakarta’s traffic density will be increased and affect congestion and accidents on traffic.

Some proposals in order to overcome the Jakarta traffic congestion with its additional problems includes: the limitation and restriction on ownership of private vehicles and motorcycles, the limitation of usage through establishing Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system, construction of the holistic planning of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), operation of Bus Rapid Transport TransJakarta (BRT), establishing Megapolitan Transportation Authority and Integrated Border Bus Transportation facilities. This implementation of alternative options has to consider issues and problems that might or already came up, such as the lack of support and maintenance facilities, unsterile bus lanes, and poor implementation and execution of alternatives, as mentioned earlier. Megapolitan Authority and Electronic Road Pricing are still under review since it lacks statutory regulations from the government.

These problems might be able to be solved if there is an adequate political will of governments and parliaments to solve them. The government should not focus on their agenda, and all political decisions in the form of laws and regulations should consider the impact that it will give to the public. If government and parliaments are both willing to solve Jakarta’s traffic congestion and work in synergy, then this can be an exemplar for other cities to overcome the problem of traffic.


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  1. It is big problem of most of countries in Southeast Asia. However, there are many attempts to solve the massive traffic problems in other countries. In Shanghai, Bicycle lending system was widely practiced, and the bicycle road was everywhere. In Seoul, there is traffic lane only for public buses to avoid traffic jam and to promote use of buses. Also, the traffic is systemically planned. I hope that Jakarta also find a way to solve the problem.

  2. The invention of highways, vehicles and underground railways increase the mobility of people, but at the same time promote the idea of people working away from their home. Cities in Southeast Asia are often suffering from heavy traffic jams, one of the culprits might be the increasing long-distance travelling between the workplace and living place, causing heaving traffic flow and congestion. At the same time, people’s over-reliance on automobile and transportation also make the problem even worse.
    In my opinions, implementing policies is just cure the symptom, not the disease. There might be some deep-rooted problems such as chaotic urban development or the malfunctioning network of the highway, which makes the citizens not easy to go around. If there was more information regarding to the road planning and arrangement of transportation provided, I believe that it could further elaborate on the problem behind the traffic congestion of Jakarta.

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