Defining Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Potential Along the Commuter Line Stations in Jakarta

Since two of the new modes of mass transit in Jakarta has been undergone rapid development, namely the modern Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT), transit-oriented development (TOD) has been a new apparent strategy in the capital for master planning. Besides Mass Rapid Transit and Light Rail Transit, Jakarta has a lot of other public transportation modes as well, such as the existing commuter line and an extensive network of Bus Rapid Transit Transjakarta (BRT). Therefore, there has been an idea to integrate and stitch together different modes of public transport in order to reduce the use of private vehicles. This proposal has been known as transit-oriented development, and the government and various private sectors are implementing the new concept to extensive public transport stations. The study aims to assess different possibilities and opportunities for transit-oriented development in different scales, whether it is a vertical mixed-use development or other comprehensive contexts through the study of the existing commuter line.

There are two approaches of TOD planning in this paper, where first is to analyze transit-oriented development as a network of places, node, and its market values. These three aspects are to help to create different transit-oriented development typologies. The second approach is to analyze the neighborhood or surroundings of the station itself for further development. The study is hopefully will create a better understanding of future decision making based on allocation and priority in different developments within the Jakarta transit network to generate a sustainable transit-oriented development area.

Based on the research conducted, there are three main categories, which consist of first, second, and third-tier stations. The first tier is the immediate potential, while the second tier station has the emerging potential. The third tier station, on the other hand, has the least possibilities, but still prospective. The study also pushes the need for promoting green development in Jakarta as part of transit-oriented development, along with a walkable environment to create a sustainable TOD in Jakarta.


Hasoloan, Jonathan Todo. “Defining Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Potential Along the Commuter Line Stations in Jakarta.” Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Institut Teknologi Bandung, June 2018.

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