Jakarta MRT and Public Perceptions

Prior to the Jakarta MRT phase 1 opening, which is aiming to reduce the severe traffic congestion in the capital by providing other options of transportation rather than using private vehicles, there is no guarantee that people are willing to use it. There has been quite a sense of distrust with public transport, which is the reason why numbers of private vehicles keep increasing, namely because of quality and safety. Therefore, a survey was conducted in order to gain a better understanding of MRT’s potential future customer’s perspective and their willingness to utilize rapid transit.

The survey was conducted with 516 respondents based in Jakarta and three surrounding cities of Bekasi, Depok, and Tangerang (Greater Jakarta JABODETABEK), and divided into two groups of study: first includes the MRT corridors area including Central and South Jakarta residents, and other areas of residents. Interestingly, the key finding of the survey is that even though the answer varies, a great majority of the respondents of both groups of the study showed great enthusiasm and willingness to shift from private vehicles or other means of transport to Jakarta MRT services.

Meanwhile, they also expressed some expectations and important factors that will impact the usage of MRT services in the future. Their main concern from the outcome of the survey is to have great planning and policy in order to keep up with a standard of reliability, quality, and safety. Respondents also stated that integration and connectivity of Jakarta MRT service with other modes of transportation should become the first priority in planning. It does not mean that just by adding new MRT routes will do, but the integration of transportation hubs, infrastructures, interchanges, and ease of services and information systems are crucial factors in trusting Jakarta MRT.


Dahlan, Ahmad Faisal, and Anna Fraszczyk. “Public Perceptions of a New MRT Service: a Pre-Launch Study in Jakarta.” Urban Rail Transit, August 2019. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40864-019-00116-0.

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  1. Apart from the concerns the respondents raised, I think like any changes in the lifestyle of a population takes time. I wonder if the people actually have so much as a “distrust” in the public transport than the fact that they are just used to the existing lifestyle, but if there is, I would like to know the reason because a lot of the concerns mentioned in the last paragraph seems to be more like future maintenance or improvement that can be done when the MRT system is actually mature. It would be a dilemma if people wouldn’t be willing to give it a try before everything is perfect. Or on a second thought, maybe eventually the road congestion would just be too bad that the transition to MRT or other public transport system would simply be an evitable progress.

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