Jakarta Traffic Congestion and Road Accident

The rapid increase of private vehicle ownership has taken a severe toll on the numbers of road accidents. Due to poor motorization control and traffic management, including the failure of controlling the unprecedented growth of motorcycles ownership number. Traffic accidents rate is high with high fatalities while supply-demand of transportation modes with infrastructure development such as roads are suffering a huge imbalance. Motorization is growing more than 10% annually, while road growth is less than 1%, showing that regulations of checks and balances need to be conducted. Among the reasons for the accident, a lot of traffic accidents are caused by human errors; thus, driving behavior should be improved in order to avoid fatalities caused by road accidents.

Data from the Jakarta Police Department from 1995 to 2003 shows that road accident has caused at least 700 people died and more than 48 thousand were injured. Around 68% of that casualties number is caused by private cars and motorcycles, both 24% and 47%, respectively. Most of them are teenagers and young adults ranging from 16 to 30 years old.

Figures also showed that the number of driving licenses issued is way less compared to the growth of vehicle ownership, indicating that a lot of drivers are not licensed. It is also comparatively easy to get a license from the local authority as long as sufficient money is involved, even for underage drivers. Laws also tend to be broken even though there has been a quite strict rule of law of do’s and don’ts, including separate penalties for violating the law, but people still break the rules as long as the police do not catch them. For example, motorcyclists driving without wearing helmets or pressing against the traffic flow, also drivers using mobile phones while driving. Bribery has also been quite an issue since violators can relatively getaway with ease by negotiating with local police. 


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  1. This is an interesting entry in the sense that it wasn’t so much about architecture nor urban planning, but about the consequences of the urban planning issue on other aspects of daily life. Vice versa, it also showed how other aspects such us the culture and low standard of legal enforcement/low safety awareness contributed to the problem. This reflects truly the complexity of the problems in urban planning that sometimes, in fact most of the time, the cause and effect extends far beyond then just the design decision or the planner’s intention, which is why the subject itself is so important and worth investigating.

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