Jakarta Traffic Congestion and Vehicle Growth

Traffic congestion in Jakarta is a severe issue that has been lingering over the decades. Rapid population growth, both internally and externally, together with the increase of income level, has helped private vehicles to reign over public transportation. The capital is certainly overcrowded, and numbers of private vehicle ownership keep on multiplying on an unprecedented rate that road expansion and construction cannot keep up with. This problem of traffic congestion has caused severe issues throughout all aspects affecting the lives of many, including but not limited to transportation, environmental issues, economic and social aspects of the city live. Data suggested that the problem of traffic has caused a staggering number of annual financial loss of US$ 3.25 billion.







Data above shown that the road development triggers the rapid rate of vehicle ownership growth has reached 8% annually during the last two decades (a rise from 0.92 million in 1983 to 4.12 million in 2002). In contrast to average travel speed in the capital, private vehicle ownership acceleration reaches around 6,300 private cars and 37,500 motorcycles, while travel speed reduced from 20-30 km/h to 5-15 km/h in 2002 data for rush hour. This will affect both environmental and social safety aspects since pedestrian users will be prone to dang r of motorized forms of transportation, creating an unsafe walking condition environment.

The question of whether private vehicle ownership will be reduced after the comprehensive implementation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), including road building, will remain. These efforts can be seen as a short run and medium run solution since traffic management and ownership limitation, solving the issue from the core will be the primary way out of this congestion problem. Government and private sectors have to work in synergy to reduce and suppress the usage of private vehicles to save the capital from complete gridlock.


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