Physical Analysis Conditions Around Lebak Bulus MRT Station in South Jakarta, Indonesia

There are a lot of various ways of city planning to revitalize and liven up urban fabric in order to tackle congestion, an environmental and economic issue, and even energy efficiency. One of the strategies is transit-oriented development (TOD), a concept of sustainable urban development. Along with the development of Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), government and private sectors are pushing the agenda of issuing the transit-oriented development policy at every node of MRT stations in Jakarta. One of the stations that are this paper studying in the Lebak Bulus MRT Station. There are numerous criteria embedded in developing the transit-oriented development concept, such as land use, mobility issue, infrastructure expansion, and other modes of transportation that can reduce the usage of private vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. Through breaking down the aspects into various indicators and analyze them, the paper aims to assess whether Lebak Bulu MRT station can be developed effectively into a transit-oriented development area, and which location that are potent to the future development. The study used the method of quantitative measure analysis using the Geographic Information System (GIS), which resulted in the explanation of the concept of transit-oriented development in the capital, mainly around Lebak Bulus MRT Station. In conclusion, the paper has assessed physical aspects around 400 meters radius from the Lebak Bulus MRT Station according to different criteria and dimensions, in accordance with the law and regulation. In general, it is concluded that the area around Lebak Bulus MRT Station is positively potential to be developed into transit-oriented development areas, with most of the district being a mixture of land use, building density, and standard of services.


Apriansyah, Doddy. “Physical Analysis Conditions Around Lebak Bulus Mrt Station In South Jakarta, Indonesia.” International Journal of GEOMATE 17, no. 63 (January 2019).

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