Public Transportation and Transit Facilities as a Media to Create a Healthier Jakarta

Around half of Indonesia’s population lives in urban areas. One such city is the Jakarta metropolitan city, with more than 14.1 million population reside in it. New residential areas have sprung up in Jakarta’s suburbs due to the rapid increase of urban sprawl, thus created severe problems of traffic congestion. The presence of public transportation modes in Jakarta (Microbus, Kopaja, Metromini, Patas buses, TransJakarta buses, Commuter Line to the MRT and LRT) does not automatically guarantee transportation problems such as traffic congestion in Jakarta are resolved. The focus on the procurement of transportation modes is not enough. Still, additional public transportation facilities such as transit facilities from one mode of transportation to another must also become a significant consideration in planning. The results of the survey stated that the comfort and safety of public transportation in Jakarta is an issue that must be resolved immediately. This resolution can be started relatively easy by inviting various related parties to present better public transportation facilities with graphic visual rejuvenation. Advertisements and clear and attractive infographics will also create a more informative and lively public transportation facilities and infrastructure.

The addition of new facilities in transit areas such as retail and recreational facilities can also be an attraction for Jakarta residents. To create a more comfortable new public space, government and urban planners can provide a place to rest for residents with retail food facilities and shopping centers in the transit area. With these strategies, hopefully, people can make public transportation as an option for mobility in their daily activities. Therefore, congestion and other problems, such as health and economic issues, can also be minimized. The availability of interconnected public transportation modes and its facilities will be able to provide a new identity and characteristics of substantial capital. This will undoubtedly have a broad impact on the development of the city of Jakarta, and also Indonesia as a whole.


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