Ready for a New Era, 2018 Annual Report PT MRT Jakarta

PT MRT Jakarta Annual Report is one of the bibliographical sources, a piece of first-hand information to access and assess the performance of the Company on a yearly basis. In this 2018 Annual Report, PT MRT Jakarta is taking the theme “Ready For A New Era” since it marked one year away to the official opening of the MRT to the public. The report offers comprehensive documentation describing the Company’s profile, performances over the year, preparation towards the operation, safety performances, economic and financial statements, and roles of the Company in applying the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG). The annual report also gives transparency and as a way to keep track of the Company’s performance and responsibilities to the public, shareholders, and other stakeholders in order to build trust and understanding towards the Company’s achievements in the year 2018. The report contains numerous documentation and statements over the Company’s policies, decisions, operations, including future strategies and objectives in accordance with the enforcing laws and regulations. In the year 2018, MRT Jakarta’s development has entered its final stage of phase 1 since various preparations before full operation stage are executed along with numerous business planning and area management such as Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Masterplan and other crucial strategies. During this last preparatory phase, testing and trial runs are essential factors; thus, people of Jakarta are enthusiastic in trying the trial run before the MRT is officially open for the public in March 2019.


“2018 Annual Report.” 2018 Annual Report. Jakarta: PT MRT JAKARTA, 2018.

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