Seoul: Transparency living in a social metropolitan city renders happiness

It is seen that the Seoul metropolis has fully embraced using social media and mobile technology to communicate with its residents and visitors, first on the public transportation network. Seoul continues to build stronger relationships between the administration and the people, and this leads to a successful model of happy and well living.

In the last recent decade, the rise of technological giants native to Korea such as Samsung and LG and the trending social media have been absorbed into the metropolis, creating active participation between Seoul citizens and the city government. Policies and bills are topics of discussion and surveys before full implementation and constant feedback is collected for future improvements. The transparency in such communication made Seoul a happy city to live in, therefore promotes cultural strength and economic attraction. It reputes the city is one of the top global financial and advanced cities on an international level. Seoul has become a utopian.

So does a global city need such transparent communication? If we look at New York City, another world financial center, although not a metropolis like Seoul; would have difficulties in embracing this type of communication due to many other complications such as politics and city administrative methods. New York is not a happy city either but was once the ideal modern city that Seoul desired to be.


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2 Comments on “Seoul: Transparency living in a social metropolitan city renders happiness

  1. It is very interesting to see the impact of transparent communication and how technology really affects a city. I really appreciate the comparison between Seoul and New York as it shows how the big cities have their own characteristics and operate in their own and special way.

  2. It is intriguing that technological giants have found its way into urban development and creating a substantial change to the way that people live. Do you think a city built upon telecommunication as a form of improving qualities of life in a built environment is an utopia or dystopia?

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