Buildings in Odaiba completed before 1995: Telecom Centre Building

The Telecom Centre Building is in the Aomi area, which is bordered by Tokyo Teleport St. and the Symbol Promenade Park Central Square. It features a wide range of businesses and commercial facilities and is focused on advancing the accumulation of new companies and becoming a centre of commerce.

Just 18 minutes from Shimbashi St., the Telecom Center St. is close to Tokyo Customs, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, which is a research facility supporting product development for small and mid-sized businesses. Although it is centrally located in the city, this business area has a laid-back feel and is the focus of a lot of development recently.

Telecom Center Building is comprised of two 21 story skyscrapers. Floors 1-5 are connected to the atrium, and there is a bridge connecting the two buildings on floors 19-21. The two buildings were designed together as a single unit, and in this way, they are well connected. The buildings were designed with a simplicity of form, and maintain the balance between high and low, and in the horizontal plane. This prevents the forces which arise during strong earthquakes from concentrating in any specific area.

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