The Construction of Rainbow Bridge 4: Girder

Stiffening girder construction

A temporary spot for the road was built around the two main towers[2].

Adjunct facilities

Facilities were set up for the lights that would illuminate the Tokyo Harbor and to maintain road safety[2].

The motto written on the pamphlet used to advertise for names for the “Tokyo Harbor Connecting Bridge” was “Be the godfather of a sparkling white bridge apt for Tokyo’s entrance to the sea.”[3] A total of 20,023 suggestions were received. The chosen name was then announced in November 1992 before the Rainbow Bridge opened. The Rainbow Bridge is true to its name, combining the ideas of many.

To fulfil Kawasaki Heavy Industries ‘ mission, Kawasaki established the Kawasaki Business Vision 2020[1]. Focusing on primarily our three business domains – Land, Sea and Air Transportation Systems, Energy & Environmental Engineering and Industrial Equipment – they provide solutions for a range of challenges our customers and society face, utilizing our exceptional products and services that leverage advanced technologies, as well as systems that combine these products and services. They are also working to reconcile the contradiction in seeking to both enrich the lives of more people and preserve the environment as they contribute to the sustainable development of our world.


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